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Whether you’re a novice, a professional dancer or teacher, or just have a love of dance, Rosana Maya’s The Flamenco Fanatic is your definitive guide to everything you need to know about Flamenco as art, music, culture and dance.

Where does Flamenco come from? How did it develop? Why is it one of the few dance forms that continues to seduce audiences in the 21st Century?

  • Flamenco – origins and development
  • The Flamenco Spirit
  • The Gypsies and Flamenco
  • Flamenco and La Juerga 
  • Flamenco – elements and features of the dance
  • Flamenco and Spain
  • Flamenco and Duende

The Flamenco Fanatic leads you through Cante, Toque, Baile and Palos dance forms, with detailed information on Spanish regional music, song and dance, Escuela Bolera and the Cuadro Bolero, Escuela Andaluza, Fandango and Zarzuela.

I sing, I dance, I play music,
I am life.

Rosana Maya

What people are saying about The Flamenco Fanatic

"Concise, no-nonsense history, philosophy,
and of an extraordinary dance and culture
that is only Flamenco."

"A unique and authentic guide to a dance spirit
greater than its practitioners."
"Not just a performance manual; rather a
history of the search for the inner self: Duende!"

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  1. Hi, I am Rosana Maya. I have written this book to offer anyone interested in flamenco to find all you need to know. It compiles my personal experiences, my love and passion for this art form. Flamenco has inspired me to peruse a creative life I have expressed through poetry, painting. Writing and dance....

  2. Contents
    I sing, I dance, I play music,
    I am life 3

    1. Like a wild horse 7
    Why does this art transform the
    To whom does flamenco belong
    and who are the creators of this
    unique art?
    Although entirely associated with
    Spain, what is that strange
    lamenting, discordant sound,
    reminiscent of desert people
    and lands afar, bound in
    emotional euphoria?
    Who is this enchantress who vibrates
    with the chant of India, of
    Bedouin and Moor?
    What fate awaited this magnificent
    art form?
    That which God had ordained faced
    its own firing squad….

    2. Ride the Wild Horse 15
    How does one stand alone, be free and
    divinely connected all at once?
    What are the ingredients to release us
    from our stagnant, protected lives?
    How fearsome is freedom to the
    Can the secrets of this philosophy
    be shared in our world that
    has forgotten its proverbial
    gypsy ways?
    Is this purely a dance and art for the
    privileged few who are born into it?
    To whom does it belong?

    3. The Passage of time 19
    The Colonisers of Spain
    The Phoenicians
    The Greeks
    The Carthaginians
    The Romans
    The Goths
    The Moors
    La Reconquista
    General Francisco Franco and on…

    4. The Spanish Idiom 28
    The Origin of the name “Flamenco”
    The development of flamenco

    5. The Elements and features of
    flamenco 35

    6. Cante 39
    7. Toque 41
    8. Baile 45

    9. The Gypsies and Flamenco 49
    From where do you hail gypsy
    Iberico, Cale, Romani, Egipto – Gitano!
    Gypsy in the barrio
    The gypsy flamenco in the tablao
    The tide of flamenco burst its banks
    Franco and the flamencos
    Sephardi and the gypsy

    10. La Juerga 58
    Summoning the duende…

    11. Palos 63
    Cuatro Muleros
    El Vito
    Fandango de Huelva
    Jaleos Extremeños
    Solea por bulería

    12. Regional 128
    The Spanish Persona
    The Regions of Spain and folk dances
    Regional music, song and dance
    Regional and flamenco

    13. Castañuelas 133

    14. Persecution and Sovereignty 137
    Classical Spanish Dance
    Escuela Bolera
    Escuela Andaluza
    El Conservatorio
    Neo classical dance

    15. Elements and features of
    flamenco 147

    16. Terminology and glossary 153

    I sing, I dance and I play music, I am life
    Technique is freedom. Create for joy.
    Experience the Duende

  3. La Juerga

    It is nearing midnight. The Manzanilla is digesting the evening chatter. Fernanda and Juanita are in the kitchen dumping the remains of filled appetites into shallow water for the chores of tomorrow. Ordinary events enjoy passive banter. It is still warm after the dense August heat of the day. Tío Pepe arrives with extraordinary tales that lie at the bottom of his bottle of fino. Animation enters unannounced and settles on the faces of all present, as their bodies feel the magnetic force of close proximity. Palms itch and voices clear as metronome knuckles begin to beat on old wood. A magic circle manifests on the patio of midnight and the first ululation of an old soul rises above the now boisterous gathering and the bulerías begins the night’s JUERGA.

    Any dubious ego trying to get a front row seat is now ousted by respect. Hearts open to receive the Divine, to sharpen their instincts, and await their cue. The atmosphere is filled with the resonance of history and tonight we are the victors! Rhythm rules supreme and all have forgotten their separateness in favour of unity. ‘¡Ole!’, ‘¡Allah!’ the ancient cry of recognition that God is present and has channeled through the belly to tune the voice that leaves the soul of the cantaor. The passage through the hands that caress the gut of the guitar touch God's resonant vibration. The mother song of solea descends from the old soul and enters the chamber of each and every willing heart. '¡Que arte!', '¡así se toca!', '¡Eso!' this is it: the place where flamenco happens.

    Summoning ancestors, gods and demons, another shot of fino and the blood receives inspiration. The guitar dances back into the embrace of her beloved. Tension mounts in the soles of the dancer’s feet, and in the tiniest space, manages to conclude the first solea with a double sided switchblade bulería to the jaleo of bursting hearts. Another guitar appears:’¡Vamos Paco, pon me una alegría de Cádiz, recuerdos al gran maestro por si viene el espíritu de Camarón!’. Here the dead are remembered and brought back to party till yet another dawn.

    Through the lively chatter the palmas resumes, the guitar hits por medio and the familiar ‘tiriti tran tran tran tran’ of the alegrías sets the tone for the next palo. Miguel leads the song back to the shores of Cadiz to mingle with the smells of the coast and the tobacco wharf. Merche feels the chords enter her body and her feet understand a surreal juxtaposition to floor and ceiling as the energy of sound pulsates from the walls. The madness is let loose and happiness is at home. Frenzy is the name of this llamada that ends in unison with cigarettes passed round and the next shot of fino fills the air......

  4. Currently touring with Dada 'Masilo doing Carmen. Have books with me should anyone wish me to post in Europe....