Friday, 18 July 2014

Trade sheet,- what is The Flamenco Fanatic?

Preparing for the launch of The Flamenco Fanatic

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  1. I have many contacts in the UK who would be interested in this book as flamenco music, dance and song is very popular in the UK and the EU. The Spanish Dance Society with whom I have worked extensively have teachers and schools all over the UK and Europe. Alianza Flamenca is yet another association with which I am affiliated who have teachers, dancers, companies of flamenco who would benefit from this book.

    These societies, associations and teachers and students in general, would be interested in this book because it provides all the essential information about flamenco. There are NO books/manuals on flamenco with all the basic knowledge necessary for enthusiasts.

    This is not only informative on an academic level but provides insight into the art of flamenco, the philosophy and interpretation, finding the essential ingredient, duende, that turns sport into an art form. It has poetry and illustrations demonstrating the essential features of flamenco and relates my experiences while studying and spreading the art of flamenco. The Flamenco Fanatic relates flamenco to the non-Spaniard, as well as breaks down the elements and features of flamenco, something that not even the Spaniards themselves – the ‘guardians’ of flamenco – have not fdound it necessary to do.