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Biography on Rosana


ROSANA MAYA P.d.B. Dip. SDS / Prof. Asesora Alianza Flamenca

NAME: Roseanne Elizabeth Maile
ARTISTIC NAME: Rosana Maya PdB dip. SDS/prof. Asesora AF
Member of CID – International Dance Council UNESCO
D.O.B.: 01.08.1963
ADDRESS: 20 St Swithins Ave, Aukland Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
Moya, 2 Sqaq Fi Triq Luqa Briffa, Zejtun ZTN 2027, Malta    EU    
MOB: + (356) 9944 0451(MALTA), + (27) 761413400 (SA)

CURRENT POSITION:  Sept 2014  -  March  2015


BIOGRAPHY: Dancer, Teacher, Coach, Choreographer, Author- The Flamenco Fanatic, Painter, Designer, Couturier, Producer, Director

Rosana began her dance studies at an early age in her town of birth, Cape Town, South Africa at Barbara Holden School of Ballet. Here she completed the RAD Elementary certificate and thereafter attending open classes with various acclaimed teachers in Classical Ballet. She then carried on her studies in Malta obtaining honours in the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet under the tuition of Tanya Bayona Princess Poutiatine Academy of Ballet and Theresa Lungaro Mifsud.

In 1975 Rosana entered the Marina Lorca School of Spanish Dance where she completed the Advanced level of the Spanish Dance Society examinations. She thereafter qualified in all the teaching certificates, acquiring the Profesor de Baile Diploma in 1995. Rosana furthered her studies in the Alianza Flamenca and has been invited onto the board of assessors and syllabus coordinator for the Alianza Flamenca.

Besides an extensive academic program, Rosana studied in the famous Flamenco school ‘Amor de Dios’, Madrid, Spain and continues regularly to attend seminars, festivals and classes in Spain. Her teachers include world-renowned maestros of the art, such as Maria Magdalena, Cristobal Reyes, José Antonio Ruiz, Javier Latorre, Belén Maya, Carmela Greco, Rocío Molina, José Merino, Javier Baga, Carlos Bain, Andrés Pena, Inmaculada Ortega, Pilar Ogalla, Manolete, Manolo Marin, Francesca Grima, Paco Romero, Angelita Gómez, Enrique Pantoja, Carmela Romero, among others. Her studies continue relentlessly, attending courses and inviting renowned Maestros to her own Flamenco Academy, Alegria Academia.

Now currently in South Africa, she is coaching the Dada Masilo Contemporary Dance Company and El Rincon Flamenco and is a freelance consultant teacher to Alianza Flamenca.  In 2014/15 Rosana toured internationally as rehearsal director for Dada Masilo Dance Factory

In 1990 Rosana accepted an invitation to teach at the prestigious school in Malta, Tanya Bayona Princess Poutiatine Academy of Ballet, where she held the position as head of Spanish Dance for nine years. During this time she offered her services in the first free-lance teaching capacity in Malta, and was invited to other dance schools, The College of Jazz, Alison White School of Dance, The Dance Academy and Mary Jane Bellia Theatre School. In 1999, Rosanna opened her own school of Flamenco, Alegria Academia Flamenco from where she directed her own dance company ‘Alegria Dance Company’. She recently handed directorship over to her former student and assistant and has chosen to avail herself as a consultant to Alianza Flamenca, giving workshops and performances internationally. After a spell in Cape Town, directing the Wilvan School of Dance, she moved to Johannesburg and is currently free-lance teaching and choreographing for Dada Masilo Contemporary Dance Company and various other dance schools.

Teaching posts
Nuris Triñanes Baile Flamenco (London)
Escuela de Baile IBIZENCO – guest (Ibiza Spain)
London Studio Centre – guest (London)
Dublin Studios for Dance – (Ireland)
Tanya Bayona Poutiatine Academy of Ballet – (Malta)
The College of Jazz – (Malta)
The Dance Academy – (Malta
Alison White School of Dance – (Malta)
Jane Bellia Theatre Arts – (Malta)
Alegria Academia – (Malta)
Lourde Vijay Dance – guest (India)
Arts In Motion - (India)
Rajkot School – guest (India)
Shaktiyogashrama – (India)
Golders Gym – guest (India)
El Duende – guest (Australia)
Pasion Flamenco – guest (Australia)
Ku-Ring-Gai School of Dance – guest (Australia)
Castanuelas – guest (Australia)
Cape Town University Ballet – guest (South Africa)
Wilvan School of Dance – artistic director (Cape Town, South Africa)
Dancers Academy – guest (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Teresa Morena Flamenco – guest (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Alianza Flamenca – Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa
La Rosa Spanish Dance School – guest (Cape Town, South Africa)
Flamenco Blanca Nieves – guest (Germany)
Anja Kleeman-Wright School of Dance – guest (Zambia)
The Dance Factory – Dada Masilo Contemporary Dance co., Johannesburg (South Africa)

Her professional dance career began in South Africa where she advanced to soloist status in various dance companies, namely; Danza Lorca, Mercedes Molina Spanish Dance Theatre, Hazel Acosta's El Rincon Spanish Dance Company, all in South Africa. Later in Spain she toured with Maria Velasquez y Paco Mundo Clásico Baile Espanola and with Fiesta Flamenca de Londres throughout Europe. Following the invitation to Malta, she has performed with Tanya Bayona Dance Theatre Company, The Y.A.D.A. Dance Company and her own group formerly Danza Romaya and then Alegria Dance Company. In 2010 she collaborated with El Rincon Flamenco, whom she directed and produced and toured nationally and internationally. Rosana took up a post for 3 years as  as Artistic Director for Wilvan School of Dance. She now free-lances throughout Southern Africa and is invited to give intensive workshops, lecture demonstrations and performances in Flamenco throughout Europe, India, Australia and Africa.

Company engagements:
Danza Lorca (member)
Mercedes Molina Spanish Dance Theatre (soloist)
María Velázquez y Paco Mundo Clásico Baile Español (member)
Fiesta Flamenca de Londres (soloist)
Tanya Bayona Poutiatine Theatre Dance Co. (Soloist/Director of Flamenco )
Yada Dance Company (soloist and director of Flamenco)
Danza Romaya (Director/prima bailaora)
Alegria Dance Company (Director/prima bailaora)
Wilvan Flamenco Dance Company (guest artist)
Larosa Spanish Dance Company (guest artist)
El Rincon Flamenco Dance Company (guest artist)
Hazel Acosta’s Rincon Flamenco (Soloist)
AlegriaIndia Flamenco (Direcor/prima bailaora)
Teatro Flamenco Wilvan (director/teacher/dancer)
UCT School of Dance (guest artist and choreographer)

Rosana's substantial years in the profession in Malta created interest and in Spanish dance and flamenco increased which in popularity. She was invited to lecture a credit on The Performing Arts in Spain at the University of Malta in the Hispanics Studies Department. In the year 2000 in collaboration with Best Western Las Lapins, she opened Malta’s first Spanish tablao (restaurant with live Flamenco). Rosana introduced live music to dance classes, cabaret and theatre, inviting local and foreign Flamenco guitarists and singers to perform on a professional platform.

In 2004 she was invited onto the board of assessors for the internationally acclaimed Alianza Flamenca, and is currently a consultant for the innovative method of dance study to students outside of Spain. She instrumented the introduction of annual scholarships for students to study Flamenco in Spain

There are various other areas in which Rosana has experience, such as costume and stage design, visualization, direction and production of numerous projects stemming from cabaret, theatre, festivals, film and TV. She performs and guest teaches both locally and abroad and is instrumental in spreading the knowledge of Flamenco. She was the winner of the Malta Choreographic Awards and her choreographic video was presented at the Grand Prix International Video Danse in Paris in 1992.

Rosana is currently guest teaches in India, Germany, South Africa and Zambia to facilitate local Alianza Flamenca dance teachers and students.

On the 17th November 2006, Rosana inaugurated the first flamenco school, in collaboration with Sabrang and Arts in Motion (AIM), in Mumbai, India. She is invited to give intensive workshops, lecture demonstrations and performances throughout India. By recognising that dance is a universal language, Rosana infuses Flamenco as a bridge of east and west, uniting two cultural worlds in one artistic heritage. With Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and India, four continents share a common denominator through music, song and dance.

The Flamenco fanatic:
Rosana’s aim is to bring more academic research and understanding of dance with the hope of uniting and integrating art and practitioner to a high level of professionalism; technically, artistically and with valid theoretical information pertaining to flamenco. To achieve this she embarked on a programme  documenting her experience and research over the years into a manual with all the information necessary for student and teacher alike. This endeavour has been realised in the publishing of The Flamenco Fanatic, A complete Guide to flamenco, which is due for its first appearance at the South African Book Fair at the CTICC, Cape Town, 13-15 June 2014.

Five of her Maltese and two German students have obtained teacher training diplomas and are now teaching in Malta, Spain, Germany and the UK.

Classical Ballet: R.A.D.: Barbara Holden
                            Cecchetti: Tanya Bayona, Theresa Lungaro Mifsud
Other Classical: El Kike, Jean-Claude Mathieu, Elvira Kokorina, Terry Etherington, Felicity Carleen, Mavin Khoo.
Spanish Dance: S.D.S.: Dame Marina Lorca, Sherrill Wexler, Carlos Bain, Rhoda Rivkind, Dame Marina Keet, Carmen Arroyo
                          Alianza Flamenca: Hazel Acosta, Carlos Bain
Maestros de Flamenco: Maria Magdalena, Cristobal Reyes, José Antonio Ruiz, Belén Maya, Javier Latorre, Angelita Gómez, Paco Romero, Fernando, Nuria Trinanes, Victoria Ramos, La Carmela, Manolo Marin, Francesca Grima, Andrés Pena, Rocío Molina, Carmela Greco, Carmen Ledesma, Sara Lopez, La Choni, Miguel Vargas, Domingo Ortega, Immaculada Ortega, Jose Merino, la Truco.
Estilizada: Javier Baga, Sara Lopez, Paco Romero, La Choni, Rhoda Rivkind, Marina Lorca, Jose Antonio Ruiz
Flamenco Cante (singing) Esperanza Fernandez, Jose El Tremendo, Andre Rujkevic
Palmas and cajon Andre Vujicic
Tango: El Diablo, Charlotte Stuart, Sinan Vimal
Greek national: Manolis
Tap: Felicity Carlene
Contemporary Dance: Francesca Abela, Vivienne Fielding Refalo, Sara Pardo, Tanya Bayona, Justin Roy Barker, Mavin Khoo
Belly Dance:                     Klara Brasil, Laaryah

Seminars and Workshops
Grand Prix International Vidéo Dans – 1992 (attended)
Spanish Dance Society London – 1994, 1995 (teacher)
International Classical Ballet and Contemporary @ Tanya Bayona – 1990 – 1999 (attended)
Shaktiyogasrama Seminar for the Arts – India 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 (teacher and attended)
Flamenco Lecture Demonstration, Nehru Theatre, Bombay, India 2005 (lecturer)
Estonia Flamenco EU exchange (teacher)
Lourde Vijay Flamenco Workshop – Bangalore 2004, 2006 (teacher)
Salsa Congress – Bangalore India 2007 (teacher and attended)
Introduction to Flamenco – Chennai 2007 (teacher)
International Flamenco Seminar South Africa – NSA, 2008 (teacher and attended)
International Seminar Alianza Flamenca – NSA South Africa 2009 (teacher and attended)
Light and Shadow Trans-Form-Dance Malta – 2009, 2010 (teacher and attended)
Flamenco with Carlos – 1988, 1989, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 (attended)
Francesca Grima Flamenco Dance workshops – 2000 – 2010 (attended)
Via Katlehong Workshop – South Africa 2010 (teacher)
Festival de Jerez – 2002 to 2009 (attended)
Bienal de Sevilla – 2008, 2010 (attended)
Jose Merino and Javier Baga – 2000 to 2006 (attended)
Alianza Flamenca Australia – 2010 (examiner and teacher)
Lusaka School of Dance Zambia – workshops & teacher training
Claremont High School – 2013 (dance training)
Dance Domain – 2012 -2013guest dancer, dance coach
TAARE -  dance coach – 2013
Alianza Flamenca Workshop March 2014 (teaching)
International Dance Council – Athens, Greece 3 – 9th July 2014
Dance Factory – guest teaching and choreographing for Dada Masilo
La Maison de Danse – Lyon, France September 2014
La Cueva – Rome, Italy October 2014

JULY 2014 – MALTA – Auberge D’Italie
SEPTEMBER 2014 – PRETORIA – residence of the Ambassador of Spain

Outreach programmes:
Sabrang – India (nearly all provinces of India) 2003 - 2010
Via Katlehong – Johannesburg – 2007, 2010
SAEP – Cape Town – 2012, 2013
Claremont High School – Cape Town – 2013
*Charity performances not mentioned…

Viva España, Cape Town, South Africa 1988
Wits University, 1988
Tango, Johannesburg, South Africa 1988
Alegria y Fuego, Oude Libertas, South Africa. 1988
Barbican Theatre, London 1989
State video, London 1989
About Face’, ITV, London 1989
Saddlers Wells, London 1989
A Fiesta of Dance, U.K. July 1990
Fiesta Flamenca. Ibiza 1991
Amor, Malta 1990, 1991, 1992
Hasta Luego, Malta 1990
Jota Aragonesa, Malta 1991
Malta Fest, 1991,1992, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2006
Andalucía Espiritual South Africa 1992
Ballet Baroque, Malta 1992
Anniversary celebration, Malta 1993
Soirée de Danse, Malta 1994
Invocación y Danza, Malta1994
Fandango Variado, Malta 1994
Colores de España, Malta 1995
Dance Espectacular, Malta 1995, 1996, 1997
Firedance, Malta 1997
Era, Malta 1998
Alegria 2000, Malta 2000
Guitar & Dance Soirée, Malta 2000
Bay Street Inauguration, Malta 2000
“Isadora” A Dedication to Duncan, Malta 2000
Comedia Del Arte, Malta 2001
Los Flamencos, Malta 2001
Mini Cooper Launch, Malta 2001
Carmen (Malta & Gozo), 2001
Riflessi Sajfin, Gozo 2001
Malta Song Festival 2001
MaltaWeb Awards 2001
Bay Street Anniversary, Malta 2001
VW Polo Launch, Malta 2002
The Malta Song Festival 2002
Song for Europe (guest appearance), Malta 2002
Alegria II, Malta 2003
Trappisti by Joe Friggieri (tango) 2003
Dance Fusion, Malta 2003
On Broadway (guest appearance with Larosa Spanish Dance Theatre) 2003
Los Flamencos (guest artist), Darling South Africa 2003
Rajkot Community Show, India 2003
Pasión Flamenco, Cilantro, Mgarr Jan – Feb 2004
Mediterranean Food Festival 2004
Ghana Festival May 2004
Rajkot, India 2004
Prithvi Theatre Bombay, India 2004
Kolkata Cultural Performance, India 2004
Maya on Flamenco, Teatru Manoel, Malta 2005
Gaia Festival, Malta 2005
Waking up the Lady, Presidential Palace, Malta 2005
Rajkot Community Show, India 2005
Sound & Light Spectacular, Bombay, India 2005
Flamenco Lecture Demonstration, Nehru Theatre, Bombay, India 2005
Carmen. Flamenco dance show – Malta Arts Festival Summer 2006
Rajkot, India 2006
Cultural Festival, Carter Road, Mumbai 2006
Flamenco Lecture demonstration – Kolkata 2007
Salsa Dance Congress – Bangalore 2007
Notte Bianca – Castile Presidents Palace, Malta 2007
Flama flamenco – Salesian Theatre, Malta 2007
Caminando – Wits University Theatre, South Africa 2007
Noche Flamenco – Obs Café, South Africa 2008
Felah Menga – St. James Cavalier, Malta. 2008
Lupanara – Birgu, Malta 2008
Caminando – India, 2009
Dis!Place – Cape Town South Africa 2010
World Cup 2010 – Potchefstroom South Africa 2010
Café Diez 2010 – Malta
Dis!Place Suidoosterfees – Cape Town South Africa 2011
Generacion – Baxter Dance festival 2011 – collaboration Mavis Becker UCT)
Bernada – title role in La Casa de Bernada Alba with Larosa Dance Company – Grahamstown festival 2012
Soniquete – Wilvan School of Dance – Baxter Dance Festival 2012
Viva Espana – Baxter Theatre (collaboration with Mavis Becker & UCT School of Dance) – October 2013
Just Dance – school show with Wilvan School of Dance Dec 2012
Mas Tiento – Baxter Dance Festival – 2013
Alma Viva – Baxter Dance festival – 2013 (collaboration with Mavis Becker, Larosa Dance Company)
Soniquete – Dance Umbrella 2014
Teatre Du Rond Point – Paris France  December 2014
Flamenco Festival – NSA  June 2015
Celebracion Flamenca - March 2016 Fringe Theatre Johannesburg - Joburg Theatre

The Dance Council , C.A.P.A.B - dancer ,  Rigoletto, Carmen, - dancer,   La Traviata choreographer and dancer in under the direction of Maestro Adolfo Kauffman,   “About Face” ITV, dancer,   “ Tango” SABCTV, lead dancer in “What I did on my Holiday” Granada TV, - choreographer and dancer. Canada Films - Lord Jones is Dead 2014, choreographer

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish and Afrikaans